Drain and sewer issues are not fun to deal with but those dirty jobs are what drives a company that just opened an Erie office.

We check out how the new footprint is part of a much larger one across Western Pa. and into Ohio in this weeks Giving you the Business Report 

Messy plumbing problems are meant for the professionals. Mr. Rooter, takes those calls.

"It's emergency situations," said Steve Britton, Erie manager. "If a customers sewer is backing up, we have the capabilities of opening that sewer and getting that sewer and sewer access to flow so the customers can use those facilities."

But that's not the only service Mr. Rooter provides.

"Changing fawcetts, changing traps, supply lines, wax rings on toilets," said Britton. 

Steve Britton is the Erie manager. A plumber and construction worker by trade, he leads a local team that is part of a nationwide franchise, specializing in residential and commercial plumbing services.

Steve's dad, Bob, opened a Mr. Rooter location in Cranberry, Pa. years ago. Mr. Rooter of Western Pennsylvania actually serves three states: Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

"We cover all the way up to Erie now," said Britton. "As far down as Morgantown, West Virginia."

The Erie location on Edison Avenue is the newest one, opening April 13, 2023.

The company's high tech equipment helps at service calls, along with training right at the new office site where a 14 step checklist vital to company operations, is on display.

"We have a process from where the van is parked in the road, to how we are uniformed, to how we approach the customer," said Britton. 

One of the ways the company, as a whole, wants to build customer relationships and improve their quality of life. 

Mr. Rooter offers free estimates for same day service.