Our weekly series, Remembering our Veterans continues with the story of a local army nurse, and besides her faith in the lord and her family, serving her country was the most important thing to her. She even wanted to buried in her army nurse uniform.

"My mom was my hero, " said Nancy. "I spent my entire adult life wondering how I could ever through losing her."

Nancy Craig wanted to share her mother's story Jean Barnard died in 2009, just a few weeks shy of her 92nd birthday and she admired those who serve and showed incredible compassion for the injured.

"She seemed to love to be able to have the privilege of spending time, and just being able to be with them," said Nancy. "She was due to go overseas as she got discharged, she was being sent to Šipan." 

She served two years in the U.S. Army beginning in 1944. 

"Her role as a army nurse was the most important thing to her, she just got a real twinkle in her eye and a tear in her eye whenever she talked about her service," said Nancy. "It was her last wish, when she died she let us all know she wanted to be buried in her army cape."

Her father in law also served as a medic during the Korean War. And her dad wanted to serve but was denied the opportunity. The army wanted to use his engineering back ground and help out from home.

"The Allied Forces were getting shot out of the sky, there was a problem with machine guns freezing up when they were in the altitudes. His name was apparently known and somebody gave him the project of fixing it," said Nancy. "Dad Craig was in the Korean War, he never talked about anything, we never knew anything about his service. Besides the patriotism of the era, it was her heart. It was her heart to help people and to make a difference." 

To Jean Barnard and the rest of the Craig family, thank you for your service.