Young students in Harborcreek had a chance to Try a Tri - or try taking on a triathlon - on Saturday.

Some 140 elementary students in grades K-6 participated in the event at the Harborcreek High School campus.

There were three age brackets - grades K-2, 3-4 and 5-6.

Students swam in the pool, transitioned to the bike for a ride then took off running.

The length of each event was based on their age brackets.

It was the first triathlon for Colette Landfried, the winner of the third and fourth grade bracket. She wasn't expecting to win.

"It was hard," she said. "The swimming was a little easy because I do swim myself. The running was a little easy because I do cross country. And the biking was fun because it was just like drifting, kind of."

Landfried is involved in several sports - swimming, softball, basketball, wrestling, and cross country. Now she add triathlon.

There were award ceremonies for each age group, but it was really about engaging in a fun, healthy event.