Erie Homes for Children & Adults held a fundraising event Saturday night at the Ambassador Conference Center with a Gatsby theme. 

Jonathan Rilling, Vice President of Marketing, Advancement, & Communications, said the organization has been helping people even before the 1920's. "EHCA has been in town since 1912, we handle people that need help the most, those with medical complex conditions and 88 cents of every dollar we spend goes directly back into our programming," Rilling said.

EHCA Board Chair Allen Bonace said the mission of EHCA is special to him. "It means a lot because these kids, now many of them are adults, are so loving, they are so wonderful to work with and I have a soft spot in my heart for all of them," Bonace said.

EHCA's next event is on August 19th, where individuals with disabilities get a chance to ride with a motorcyclist in a sidecar.