The results are back from toxicology tests on two overdose victims who died in a van parked in the Liberty Street Tops grocery store parking lot on April 4.

According to Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook the results show that Amanda Bowen, 31 and Charles (Chuckie) Wolf, 35 both died from a lethal dose of the drug fentanyl.  Cook said both also had alcohol in their systems, but no other drugs.

Investigators said the van was parked in the lot from overnight until noontime with the windows open and engine running before people passing by realized that there was problem in the van. 

A third overdose victim in the van, a woman, survived.  She was revived by rescuers and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Cook said a lethal dose of fentanyl can be as small as 1/6 grain of salt, dissolved in a tablespoon of water.  It kills by paralyzing the respiratory center in a person's brain.

Cook called this case unusual in that most overdose deaths in Erie County recently are "polypharmacy," with fentanyl and other drugs involved.
Erie police are investigating the incident. 
Chief Dan Spizarny said they have been able to file charges in some overdose deaths, if they can track the source of the deadly drugs and the supplier.  But the chief admitted it's a difficult, slow process that requires a lot of work.