Paramedics and EMT's are being recognized over the next several days with EMS Week which runs through May 27.

On Tuesday, several local first responders were honored with different awards for their work with EmergyCare.

Marielle Lafarao, an Advanced EMT with EmergyCare explained, "EMS is so essential to our world, to our community. And I just really consider it such a tremendous blessing to be able to be part of it and come here every day and call this my job and enjoy it and have fun and find great fulfillment."

Lafaro was nominated by her co-workers for the Spirit of EmergyCare award, which reflects the mission of EmergyCare.

Recipients of various awards said for them, it's not just a job, it's a calling, something they're proud and humbled to do, each and every day.
"It's not it's not an easy job. It's not an easy calling, and it can often go unrecognized or under-recognized. So being able to appreciate that and just show some extra love and support to ems personnel is so important", said Lafaro.

Several other paramedics like Amanda Stelmack received the Life Saver Award for saving patients in cardiac arrest. "It means more than I can even put words in to to have that impact on somebody's life", said Stelmack.

Stelmack said she never knows what she will walk into when responding to a call, but hearing about the positive outcomes is rewarding. "I just remember calls like this and calls where people were very ill or traumatically hurt, where I was able to impact their lives in a positive and that they are able to live better because of what I had done", said Stelmack.

Emergycare officials also took time on Tuesday to honor those who they lost over the past year.