At Millcreek Township's Supervisors Meeting Tuesday night, leaders gave an update on some of the properties the General Authority voted on purchasing.

Millcreek Township Supervisor Kim Clear said even though some residents were concerned about the purchase, many are now warming to the idea. "I think people understand this is an investment into our community, we get a return on the investment through increased tax revenue, and this is what economic development looks like," Clear said.

While the township's plans are not set in stone about what they are going to do with the buildings, Clear encouraged developers to bring them ideas. When it is all said and done, Clear assured Millcreek residents that the purchase will them and the township. "I am as confident this is going to be a success just as I am confident that I am going to see a beautiful and perfect sunset over Lake Erie this summer," Clear said.

Supervisors also voted on the future of Erie Golf Club, which they are now looking to sell. Millcreek Township Supervisor Jim Bock said ideally someone will buy and improve it. "If it is privately owned, that person can then do more upgrades and put more money into it because it will actually be theirs," Bock said.

Bock also provided an update on a story that Erie News Now started investigating when tenants of the Manor Motel learned their building was on the chopping block. "All residents have secured housing, some at St. Joseph Apartments and some at Maryvale Apartments, which are right down the road, and the indications that I am hearing are that these housing units they have secured are nice apartments," Bock said.