A new investment is poised to make a massive impact in the community.

Highmark Health Enterprises and its subsidiaries announced a $1.8 million investment in the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network.

It will help the Sisters continue their transformative work in the Little Italy neighborhood.

The grant will be spread over 12 years, and it's on top of a $900,000, 6-year grant for the Neighborhood Transformation Program.

It's all part of the Highmark Bright Blue Futures program to improve community health and economic resilience.

"Our goal is to transform this neighborhood. There have been a lot of blighted properties down here. We want to assist the Sisters of Saint Joseph in bringing back this neighborhood," Jim Teed, Regional Vice President, Highmark. "It's a historic neighborhood in Erie and we want to see it back to its previous glory." 

The funds will help the Sisters purchase, improve, or replace blighted homes, as well as help residents become first-time homeowners.