State investigators filed public assistance fraud charges against 55 people during April, according to the Pennsylvania Office of State Inspector General (OSIG).

The cases account for $291,826 in restitution owed to the state.

The defendants are also temporarily disqualified from receiving benefits from the programs they allegedly defrauded.

47 face felony charges of fraudulently receiving public assistance, and misdemeanor charges were filed against eight others. They are accused of misrepresenting themselves and fraudulently receiving taxpayer-funded public benefits they were not eligible for.

If convicted, each faces up to seven years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000.

In the case of SNAP, Cash Assistance, or Subsidized Day Care fraud, there is a mandatory disqualification period from the benefits program they allegedly defrauded.

You can anonymously report suspected welfare fraud online here or by calling the welfare fraud tip line at 1-800-932-0582.