He's not looking forward to turning 100 - just doesn't care about all the hoopla.

When Byron Switzer decides to reminisce about his first 99 years, it takes him back to his time on his family farm in Knox, Pennsylvania, and what he enjoyed doing the most.

"Horseback riding," said Switzer. "I had a horse that I could ride any time I wanted."

During his time as a medic in the U.S. Army, he came across a lot of people with a similar background.

"Farmers that were around the farm all the time or most of the time," said Switzer. "When I was, it was a good set up the way I looked at it."

He has a message for those currently serving in the Army.

"Stay in line because it's a job that has to be done," said Switzer. "It's totally worth it."

After the service, he worked for Goodyear for 25 years and earned the nickname "The Tire Man."

His thought process always goes back to the good times working on the family farm.

"I had my own tractor and equipment that I could work without any problems," said Switzer.