As summer begins so does the season for riding motorcycles but typically it also means that crime increases. Two motorcycles were stolen in the city of Erie from Jorge Barrios, an Erie resident, on Cottage Ave.

Victor Irizarry, owner of Prestige Auto Body and friend of Barrios, said after it Barrios learned that the motorcycles were stolen, he was, "he was feeling all crazy, he could not believe it, he was angry," Irizarry said.

Even though only the two motorcycles were reported as stolen, Irizarry believes more were stolen but were unreported. "To my understanding, I do not know why the other bikes have not been reported but the number is in the teens just from the past couple of weeks," Irizarry said.

Erie Police Detective Sgt., Auto Theft Unit, Chris Clement said there are a few ways to keep your motorcycle safe. "It is utilizing your handlebar locks, parking your bike in your garage if you have one and if you have to park on the street park in a well-lit area," Clement said.

Irizarry agrees with Clement and urged people to protect their motorcycles because bad things can happen to good people. "This is a good man, good friend, great guy, he does not deserve it, nobody does but he definitely does not," Irizarry said.

Clement said if your motorcycle does get stolen give the police a call, have your vehicle information ready so they can enter it as stolen, and then officers will be on the lookout.