JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A local foster group is giving back providing a meal to remember, to a group of homeless individuals.

Gearing up in the Mental Health Association’s warming shelter, G.A. Family Services served pizza and wings to those struggling to stay fed.

“We put together this event for their 22 residents they have here at mental health. We just wanted to do something nice with the kids so we just kind of set up the event along with the kids and did everything for the people in need,” explained G.A. Family Services mentor Billy Torres.

G.A Family Services Mentor Billy Torres wanted to make sure the children could be involved as well.

“I love helping people, especially those in need. It’s a passion of mine,” said volunteer Beatrice.

For some of these young volunteers, helping out has a deeper meaning to them.

“It felt really amazing because I know when I was younger I wasn’t fortunate to have a lot of things so we came here to the soup kitchen a lot and it felt really good to give back to these people and see them smile, they’re so happy,” said volunteer Brooklyn.

In the end, it seems the kids all truly enjoyed helping out.

“For me, I just enjoy watching people smile and even though they might not have a lot they’re still people and they deserve happiness,” said Beatrice.

“It made me very excited and very happy to actually see that more people are thinking about each other and they are smiling and not sad and lonely and I loved enjoying their company,” volunteer Miguel said.

Some of these volunteers hope to continue helping when they can.

“I would like to come here more to help with them and if I see them on the streets I will give them some spare change that I have or see if they want to go somewhere out to eat if they’re hungry or get a blanket for them,” said volunteer Kyle.

This helpful program is an ever-revolving door, having new and eager children ready to help out. Those at G.A. Family Services look forward to continuing this project.