For the people traveling on the roads this Memorial Day weekend, lower gas prices are going to be your friend.

"People are seeing that they're able to save a little bit more money, and it's a bit cheaper to fill up your tank right now," said Tiffany Stanley, spokesperson for AAA East Central.

The average price for a gallon of gas in Erie is currently around $3.66.

"That's $1 less than last year," Stanley said.

And lower national gas prices, which are also down more than a dollar compared to last year, are encouraging people to pack their cars and hit the highway.

Russell Folaron, Pamela Farrell, Sandy Peters and Ken Peters, a group from Buffalo, were traveling west on I-90 to see relatives and stopped at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center near the New York border.

"We're going to Canton, Ohio to meet their brother, my brother-in-law," Ken said.

"[We're] going to [the] Pro Football Hall of Fame," Sandy added.

"I'm traveling to Idaho and Washington," New Hampshire resident Clarence Gardner said.

It's a little bit of a longer hike for Gardner.

"I have no schedules because I took a month or two off work," Gardner said.

But he also had a chance to gaze in the distance at the Welcome Center and admire seeing a Great Lake from the ground in person for the first time.

As these travelers were heading to their final destinations, they had some advice for other people hitting the roads.

"Slow and patient," Folaron said.

"Just enjoy yourself," Sandy said.

"Keep your eye on the road, and be polite and considerate of other drivers," Gardner said.