Annette Milano's son, David Milano, passed away in December of 2020. Milano said her son was severely mentally ill and tragically took his own life after she did everything in her power to help him. "Unless they want the help, there is no help for the unwillingly, David was one of the ones that were unwilling," Milano said.

Milano is determined to her son's memory alive and knew that his high school years at Cathedral Preparatory School brought him great joy. "He loved Prep, his best memories were there, let me go there," Milano said.

She then met with Timothy Dougherty, Director of Enrollment Management at Cathedral Preparatory School, to start the David Milano Adopt a Student Scholarship, something Dougherty feels lucky to be a part of. "I was just in the fortunate position to give her a little bit of advice on how things work and to help kind of do the fine details on the great plan she already had," Dougherty said.

The scholarship pays for students' tuition fees at Cathedral Prep from freshman to senior year. One of the recipients, Jaden Crockett, said he is grateful to be chosen. "I was really thankful to get this scholarship period because a lot of kids do not get an opportunity to get the scholarship like that," Crockett said.

Like David Milano, Crockett is also a wrestler and said he takes inspiration from David before every match. "When I wrestle, I love to see my parents' faces and I am doing it for David Milano," Crockett said.

Annette believes if David could see the work she is doing, he would appreciate her helping others. "He would be very proud, he would say mom, really," said Milano.

The David Milano Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on August 5th, more details can be found here: