Cards for Carson is giving one Warren County family hope as Carson Kiser battles cancer. Kiser, 10-years-old, was at school when one of his teachers thought he looked a little pale. Initially, it was believed to it could have just been a viral infection but after some testing it was found be to more than that.

"We found out he had leukemia and over the next few weeks we got more information and found it was Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) which is pretty rare to find in a kid and it can be pretty hard to get rid of," Josh Kent, Carson's father, said.

Since then Carson has gone through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and now he faces a tougher one. "That has been the process we can do the chemo, it kind of kills off the bone marrow and comes back naturally, well this is going to strong enough where it just does not and it is going to take a few days for the numbers to drop and essentially his immune system is going to be gone," Kent said.

Carson said even though he is a little afraid, he is looking on the bright side. "It is a little scary because bad things can happen but those are probably not going to happen, it is just scary to think about," Kiser said.


Traveling is something Carson wants to do but since he cannot right now, his grandmother had a vision. "If he cannot go see the world, he can get pieces of the world sent to him, she kind of partnered with Hessel Valley Lutheran Church and we got a P.O. Box and stuff like that and we have kind of been putting it out there.

Kent said that Carson is taking things day by day. "He is killing it everyday, it is hard not to smile when he is around, he is a great kid," Kent said.

If you would like to send Carson a card, you can do so using this P.O. Box address: Box 705 Warren, PA 16365