Our weekly series Remembering our Veterans continues with the story of a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, who continues to serve on a local level.

Chris Constantine is the Veterans Services Coordinator and Veterans Municipal Police Academy Instructor at Mercyhurst University.

His resume stacks up with thousands who climbed into a cockpit, he flew almost 4,000 hours as a navigator in C-130's.

"Actually it was one of the coolest trips I've ever been on, we took an airplane to Pearl Harbor," said Chris. "We were able to go to Pearl Harbor, it was very sobering to be there at the Arizona site, the memorial. You could actually see the silhouette of the Arizona."

As a squadron commander he was called upon to lead and he experienced some defining moments.

"When 9/11 happen I was actually working the duty desk that morning, we meant I was actually helping the crews get out and fly on their training missions," said Chris. "So, when 9/11 happened, you know the first plane hit we were like that's horrible that's such a tragic accident. Then the second plane hit and we were thinking where are we going to be in two weeks."

Once his tour of duty ended, his start in the world of academics was just starting. 

"I knew I wanted to work with veterans in some capacity. I really enjoyed it. When I retired it was difficult because you remove yourself from that environment, that sense of mission and getting to work with veterans all the time," said Chris. "So here, I'm able to keep doing that."

Chris played a critical role in Mercyhurst earning Purple Heart University status. Chris also graduated from McDowell High School and Mercyhurst University.

Chris Constantine, than you for your service.