WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congress successfully passed a deal to avert an economic catastrophe. The debt ceiling legislation was passed by the Senate late Thursday night, sending it to the president’s desk for his signature. Congress passed this agreement just days before the default deadline.    

The legislation would raise the debt ceiling for two years and set spending limits on federal money. Both parties said the legislation is not a total success for their agendas but both sides said they find some “wins” in this legislation. The bill narrowly passed the Senate 63 to 36 last night. 

A handful of democrats including Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman (D- PA) voted against the legislation. The freshmen Senator cited changes to SNAP benefits as his reason to vote in opposition. He released this full statement following the vote: 

“As chair of the Nutrition subcommittee on Agriculture, SNAP benefits fall within my jurisdiction in the upcoming Farm Bill. Speaker McCarthy gloated at Democrats that Republicans will push for additional work requirements beyond what is in this bill, saying, ‘Let’s get the rest of the work requirements. Let’s cut more…’ Given that Republicans are more obsessed with hurting poor people than holding banks accountable, you’d think that someone who didn’t have a job could crash our economy. I did not agree to these SNAP restrictions, and I won’t give Republicans an opening to try and take food from more food insecure Americans in Farm Bill negotiations later this year. That is why I voted no tonight. As I communicated to leadership and the White House, I would have voted to avoid default if it would have made the difference. All in all, this was a tough vote and an ugly situation manufactured by extortionists. While we avoided a catastrophe this time around, we should never put the country in this situation again. The 14th Amendment is right there.”

 Senator Bob Casey (D- PA) voted for the legislation. He released this statement following the vote: 

 "Last night, I voted for legislation to prevent the Nation from defaulting on its debt and to stop extreme MAGA Republicans from gutting Medicaid, food assistance, and veterans' benefits. This bipartisan bill protects Pennsylvanians' jobs and hard-earned savings, ad the full faith and credit of the United States. American families pay their bills and so should their government."

The president is expected to sign this legislation soon.