This week's Community Gem is a place that an Erie County family started, and has grown to be a "Go to" place for other families to create hours of fun outdoor, memories. 

Maryanne Strand has a growing family, and they join her to play putt putt. It is the foundation of the family business that she started with her husband in 1989.

"My husband is in the excavating business," said Maryanne. "At the time, he had lots of equipment, and lots of friends who did other work that would go along with building a miniature golf course, so it seemed to just be a natural, great idea."

Sunview Golf opened when daughter Sara Campa was 9 years old. She and her siblings grew up working days and nights.

Big sister, Katie Strand-Ramey met her husband on the job.

"I did, I did. He came out with friends from Strong Vincent High School and met him here," said Katie. "My goodness that was like 25 years ago."

And they are all still here, 35 seasons since the start of Sunview.

"The reward you get at the end of the day when you see people having fun or having little kids when they run up and are so excited to play or grandparents bringing their grandchildren or first dates, all of the smiles that go along with it," said Sara. 

Sara's children are also the next generation of workers, and visitors.

Seeing Sunview's growth first hand.

Sara's husband enjoys the latest addition, after helping build it. Go-Karts. New this season, visitors get to go several laps around the track.

There's bumper boats right near the entrance off Edinboro Road in Edinboro, partitioned driving range and batting cages are also part of the mix here at Sunview Golf.

It goes from slow pitch to medium, fast to very fast pitch, all when you insert a coin.

The cages are right near a new pavilion to rent and hold private parties. It was built by the hands of family members.

A family that throws a yearly Christmas in July celebration at Sunview. Kids golf for free, and Santa spreads cheer.

It adds to the sweet memories, a perfect name for the Sweet Shop on site, where nostalgic treats can be bought

Right on the other side of the indoor arcade, and next to Nick's Place, the other family business, where banquets are catered with a special touch.

If it isn't a family member waiting on you when you visit the grounds, it's someone like family.

Welcoming the valued customers of all ages, who come to stay and play.

A genuine family that is so thankful for all the new and returning customers.

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