For people on certain antidepressants and other similar medications, going outside can be dangerous as the thermometer climbs.

Medical professionals are warning people on antidepressants to use caution when venturing outside over the coming months, as certain antidepressants can cause heat exhaustion to come quickly. 

"The way that those medications work in our brain gets some of the neurotransmitters functioning properly, they can cause some dysfunction with the normal heat regulation," said Rebecca Clark, LCSW, the Director of Treatment Services a Stairways Behavioral Health. "So with the weather like we've been having in the past week or so, sometimes our medications can impair our ability of our brain to just generally regulate temperature."

Dr. Timothy Yang, a childhood/adolescent psychiatrist at Allegheny Health Networks, says heat exhaustion for those on antidepressants shouldn't be an issue as long as they stay hydrated and protect their skin. 

"Generally, the effects, [are fairly minimal] as long as we are staying aware...staying hydrated, being aware of our skin health effect," said Yang. "Of course, we want to be aware how much we're sweating and losing fluid but if we stay hydrated, won't be issue."