Looking for a job? A veteran-founded company has an Erie county footprint, with staff helping people jump start careers.

Braiden Drew wanted a job immediately. He took time to apply at, the Reserves Network, a staffing agency in Erie.

"Just meeting with someone in general instead of just putting in your application online is better because you get that personal experience and you get to actually talk to someone," said Drew.  "They can tell you more about the job you're interested in." 

He was given a job offer the same day he applied, and took it.

That was the vision of the late Don Stallard. The Air Force pilot founded the Reserves Network in 1984, specifically picking the patriotic name.

Don's children now run the business out of the Cleveland-area headquarters, and oversee offices in several states.

The Reserves Network has been in this plaza off West 8th Street since 2017 after moving a few years earlier from Girard. It's the only Reserves Network in the Erie region and the only one in Pennsylvania. 

Erie branch manager Bobbi Randall says step 1. is getting to know job seekers.

"We do an interview, make sure we know what they need what they are looking for, because I don't want to place somebody where they're not going to be happy," said Randall. 

There's an intimate staff, making that happen, by finding out what positions need filled at local businesses.

"If you need somebody that's going to start tomorrow, that isn't going to want to do a temp to hire, they come see us," said Randall. 

If a job seeker does not have training for a specific job, there's help.

The Reserves Network can also navigate on the job challenges, and pays the salary of those hired.

"We are their supervisors," said Randall. "We are their front line."

The front line of starting in the workforce. 

The Reserves Network works with companies in a variety of industries.