Erie News Now is searching for a sales coordinator to join its team.

The primary responsibility is to assist the sales supervisor with daily duties including managing accounts. The sales coordinator will learn the duties of a sales and marketing consultant and develop working knowledge to be able to support the sales team during vacations, sickness or as needed.

  • Must have good organizational skills and telephone etiquette.
  • Be proficient with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
  • Understand good customer service and enjoy working with people.
  • This position will keep you busy within a great advertising environment alongside a professional sales team.
  • Must have a high school education and some secondary education preferred.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organization: Keeping a calendar of sales projects so team can work ahead. Watching and managing deadlines for sales projects. This may mean being the point person for news, creative and traffic on marketing projects.
  • Programming: Keeping sales software up to date, eventually building rating books. Assisting with news and sales for specials which need to be cleared and booked through traffic.
  • Avails/trenders/rankers: Being able to build avails for clients, which comes with a basic knowledge of ratings, terminology and what a buyer is looking for.
  • Package building and sports and specials tracking: strong knowledge of Microsoft Office suite including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Makegoods/traffic: knowledge of how to handle preemptions and program changes for clients and how to carry them out, which also includes knowledge of various software packages related to the Advertising industry.
  • Event planning and coordinating: Planning and executing special projects, presentations, and events. Being able to envision steps needed through the end of a project to foresee possible obstacles before they happen.

This position is a great steppingstone towards a career in advertising sales and account management.

To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Erie News Now is an equal opportunity employer.