Many lost artifacts are hidden underneath the ground. Some could be buried for dozens of years, maybe even hundreds. There are people with metal detectors who venture out to find these underground treasures. Some don't do it for the money. They do it for the history.

There's one such person who's been searching interesting locations in Crawford County. One location is the site of one of the most magnificent mansions ever built in Northwestern Pennsylvania. It was called Shadeland Manor.

Shadeland Manor was constructed in 1885 in the community of Shadeland, near Springboro. It was the home of the eight Powell brothers. Three of the brothers operated a large horse ranch on the property. It was impressive.

Rick Welker is the secretary of the Conneaut Valley Historical Society: He has researched the Powell Brothers.

"They ended up with about 2500 acres of land. A thousand horses,” says Rick. “They went worldwide to purchase horses. In Europe and Egypt and Arabia."

The Powell Brothers had a worldwide clientele. Some of the horse buyers were pretty famous.

"Buffalo Bill Cody was a customer who was here. Annie Oakley was here. The Governor of Pennsylvania. The Emperor of Japan purchased a small Shetland pony for his son. Queen Victoria rode behind a pair of horses that were purchased here at Shadeland Farms,” says Rick.

The spectacular mansion on the property was owned by different entities in later years. It eventually fell into disrepair. It was burned to the ground in 1992 during a training session for firefighters. Rodney Joslin, who grew up in nearby Conneautville, loved that big house.

"As a child, I used to ride by that mansion. I always thought it was absolutely beautiful. That it was an amazing building,” he says.

Rodney, who now lives in North Carolina, is a metal detectorist and serves as president of a group called Old North State Metal Detectors. He has found many historical artifacts in North Carolina and has donated them to museums. Rodney obtained permission from the current owner of the Powell Brothers property to search for artifacts that might be underground there…artifacts from the early days of Shadeland Manor and the horse ranch.

Eureka! Four months ago, he found a silver spoon on the property with the date 1891 engraved on the handle. This week, he donated the spoon to the Conneaut Valley Area Historical Society. The spoon will be added to a collection at the society headquarters that includes a saddle from the horse ranch and a chandelier lamp from the mansion. Shadeland history lives on. Thanks to Rodney.

Rodney says anyone with a metal detector should ask the property owner for permission before conducting any search. He says his next search in Northwestern Pennsylvania will take place in Conneautville. He says that town used to be the host community for the Crawford County Fair. He believes some artifacts may be hidden underground from those days.