It's time to check out another community gem, Erie News Now looks into Erie's theater scene.

PACA has made its home in the 15th block of State Street for more than a decade, and its small and intimate theater has made it quite a draw.

"You are literally two feet off the stage the farthest seat away from the edge of the seat is 20 feet," said Mark Tanenbaum .

At the Performing Artists Collective Alliance, better known as PACA, there's not a bad seat in the house.

"You're practically on stage with the actor you can see them and feel them and smell them and they can you too so there's a intimacy in our black box theatre," said Mark. 

PACA has been a part of Erie's theater scene for 12 years, Mark Tanenbaum is the executive director, and says PACA filled a void left when the Roadhouse Theater closed.

There was a hole in the Erie theater scene no place to do avant-garde theater not only for audience that wants to see something unusual but also for actors.

We sat down with Tanenbaum on the set of crocodile fever, which is about to take to the stage for its final weekend.

Irish crosses because its an Irish family and it's that attention to detail.

"Which are only made in Ireland we had to have them shipped to us," said Mark. 

And a commitment to the arts.

"Is it unique to have audience members on both sides? Yes," said Mark. "But we like that it keep the actors on our toes." 

That has made PACA a favorite on the local theater scene.

"Erie is growing in the arts and I think people are stopping thinking that the arts need to be supported, but that the arts support the community," said Mark. "There's a certain give and take." 

But it's more than just theater. PACA has invested in its home on state street, harboring a place for creativity.

When we first started this place was falling apart, but now were on the national historic register

A small theater making a big impact.

"Never heard anyone say anything but this is amazing," said Mark. "This is a place they saw in Soho or Indianapolis or something some small theater they love."