Making a difference in dozens of lives, that's what a local business owner is trying to do. Her business: The WAY to Healthy Living

This is a yurt, the wooden structure is a place where positivity, exercise, and being social all come together.

Linda Gilroy was encouraged to join in 2019, back & feet issues had her unable to get around.

So, she came to see Selina Uglow.

"She got me up and moving," said Linda. "Consequently I was able to exercise." 

And is on the way to healthy living. That is the name of Selina's business which she started more than 10 years ago, out of her North East home.

"It's a resource towards empowering an individual towards better health in their own lives," said Selina. 

A cancer survivor, Selina became a nurse. She used her experience of losing and maintaining 90 pounds, to help others.

"Counseling, individual coaching, the fitness, and then weight loss support," said Selina. 

Pam Thompson was Selina's first client.

"I was taking 5 different medications, 2 blood pressure pills, 2 water pills, and a cholesterol pill," said Pam. 

Pam says she was overweight and depressed.

"We started exercising. She helped me by giving me recipes," said Pam. "Never diet, but suggestions on how to eat healthier." 

She's dropped dress sizes and reduced medication intake. 

Focus on personal goals is the aim at this peaceful site off Zuck Road in Millcreek.

Walking the labyrinth is part of what's on the one acre grounds, its a tool for mindfulness and clients are encouraged to come here and mediate.

Selina works with other wellness practitioners to offer education on the way to healthy living. 

An inspiring place.
There's a number of different workshops, cooking and other classes planned at the Millcreek site this summer. Selina can also do virtual visits.