There's a property in Fairview Township that I've been curious about and I've been invited to check it out.  It’s the Mark Graham residence off Sterrettania Road. It's a beautiful place right along Elk Creek.  However, it's not easy getting there.

You could choose to ford the creek with your vehicle.  That's fairly easy on summer days when the creek is low.  But, when the creek is high and raging, there's just one other way to arrive on Mark's property.  You have to walk 80 feet across a foot bridge.  Mark and his father developed the property in 1973 when it was nothing but trees.

"One thing led to the next,” recalls Mark.  “We put up a Robinson Crusoe bridge and made the bridge better over the years.  It's been a landmark only because it's an oddity."  

The current footbridge is the fourth one at this location.  The first was a primitive bridge that needed to be sturdier.  The next two were made of wood.  Both were toppled by falling trees. Those were built by Mark and his father. The current steel bridge was erected by professionals in 1986.  It's 300 feet from the bridge to Mark's house. You would think FedEx, UPS, and Amazon drivers would want to avoid this place.

"Sometimes just the opposite,” says Mark.  “They want to go on the bridge. So, I've had them come over, bring packages, leave them on the side, leave them at that doorstep."

The trip across the water is worth the effort.  Mark sees all kinds of wildlife including herons, swallows, and eagles. Walking to Elk Creek to feed the fish is always a treat.  The property has plenty of room for his beloved Dobermans to roam or to splash in the water.  He has views of the creek that are worthy of a post card.

"It's not cut out for everybody.  It's real pretty and nice and secluded in the summer.  You get a January day where it's sub-zero and you got to go across that bridge with groceries.  You make do.” declares Mark.   

Mark made a home in the Elk Creek wilderness. He's been here for 50 years. He's got his footbridge and his 4-wheel drive vehicle.  He's got it made.

"I do have it made,” he says.  “I admit it.  I admit it.  100%.  I'm very fortunate."

Mark is the president of Bay City Realtors.  He is semi-retired now and mostly does appraisal work. The rest of his time is spent enjoying his property.