In an exclusive interview, the mother of Michael Burham's son is speaking out, only to Erie News Now.

As also described by police, Nichole knows her ex to be an outdoorsman, a survivalist. And despite the heinous crimes he's accused of and suspected to have committed, she says she also once knew him to be a good person, and she's hoping he turns himself in, soon.

“In the last 15 years that I've known him I've never been scared of him." But Nichole's sentiment has changed, especially after she got a call late Thursday night, “It was the local police department informing me, ‘We just got told that Burham escaped, we need to get you out of your house.’”

Nichole is Burham's ex-girlfriend, and mother of his 12-year old son, Michael. They are now in protective custody for the second time.

The first was back in May, when police believe Burham, 34, killed a woman in Jamestown, New York, Kala Hodgkin, 34, who Nichole says was the mother of his daughter.

According to investigators, moments later, he then set Nichole's car on fire, “He was on my porch at 4:30 in the morning and within 30 seconds of him being on my porch, my car was on fire. I still believe that back in May he didn’t come to just set my car on fire. I think, the way he came up to my door, if he would have gotten in, this would have been a whole different situation today.”

Burham then went on the run. Allegedly kidnapping an elderly couple in Warren, and forcing them to drive to South Carolina where a massive manhunt there for him ensued. He was captured then eventually brought to the Warren county jail to face the multiple charges against him, connected to the kidnapping.

Nichole says Michael's demeanor changed back in October, after their son won a two-year battle with cancer.

And as Burham runs from the law in the rugged terrain, and Nichole and her son hide until he's caught, she sends him this message, “The one thing it hurt the most is the kids. And if loves him like he claims, he needs to do what's right by them, especially for our son who just got over a cancer battle. I would tell him that he was once an amazing person, he truly was, he was a good guy, he was a good dad and he needs to find that in himself, because this Mike that's doing this is not the Mike that I know… he needs to stand up and take accountability for the wrongs he's done.”

Nichole says she's terrified of how this might end, “It's either going to end because he's exhausted, dehydrated, starving, and he comes out because of that, or it's going to end with a body bag.”