Residents of Warren are feeling more secure now that Michael Burham has been captured and is back in custody.

"I feel like I don't have to keep looking around like before. . . He didn't really hurt anybody, thank God, but it's nice to feel safer," Warren resident Sarah Whipple said. 

Whipple said it's good news, but she had faith in law enforcement who were pursuing Burham.

"Yes, I am relieved, but I wasn't too worried because I knew that they would get them," Whipple said.

Another Warren Resident, Barb Kersey lives on Jackson Run Road and was surprised to hear Burham was captured there.

"It's a wooded nice area, but it's not like desolate, like there are other places he could have been hiding that were more desolate," Kersey said.

For the time Burham was on the run, residents made sure to lock doors, use extra caution, and stay alert. Now, they can rest easy, and residents like Kersey continue to thank law enforcement for the hard work that was put in for the nine-day manhunt.

"We're very grateful to the police. They did a great job and stuck with it. Good for them," Kersey said.