Anyone who has been through elementary school or junior high remembers their science fairs. A lot of work went into our projects. Once the science fairs were over, we thought we'd never do that again.   

There is an exception. Residents at Juniper Village Senior Living Community in Meadville took part in a science fair at their facility.  For a week, they teamed-up with young, school-aged visitors to work on projects.  At the end of the week, the teams showed their results in front of family and staff members.

The science fair is a memory of every school child.  The Juniper Village science fair is a chance for residents to return to those school days.

"I remember that from a long time ago.  It's been exciting coming back,” says Cathy King, Juniper Village Resident. 

Cathy and fellow resident David Joyce helped their young partners identify gemstones. It was young and old working together to categorize stones such as strawberry crystal and yellow agate.

"We cleaned them and we found out what gems they are,” said Avery Simmons, age 8.  

Mr. Joyce loved interacting with the children.

"I enjoyed them every day they were here,” said David.  I enjoyed being with them very much." 

Another group decided to purify water for their science project.  They took muddy water, made it clean, and then watered a plant.  Audrey Nossokoff worked with that group.

"I'm completely ignorant about science,” she said.  “But it's been fun and the kids are delightful."  

Another group decided they would build a solar powered car out of a soda pop can. They used a kit, but the task was still intimidating to resident Linda Blair.

"I didn't know what to think,” she said with a laugh.  

In the end, the car came together nicely and Linda did her part for the team.  She said it was wonderful to see children at Juniper Village even if it was for only a week.

"They all seemed well behaved.  They enjoyed doing what they were doing on all the different projects.  It was fun,” she said.

Sherry Barzak is the director of the week-long Kids Camp at Juniper Village.  She says the children will be missed.