ALBANY, NY (Erie News Now)-- Upon returning to Albany in January, some New York State lawmakers said legislation addressing period poverty will be a priority including a bill to put free period products on college campuses. 

“When you begin your menstrual it’s with you for an extended amount of time beyond just K-12 and through college. We also recognize that these are pivotal years and it’s important that we have these products available,” said Sen. Lea Webb (D-52nd Senate District). 

Some advocates agreed, saying this legislation is necessary to increase access for students. 

Lacey Gero, manager of state policy with the Alliance for Period Supplies, said if a student is experiencing period poverty in high-school they will likely bring that challenge with them to college. 

“They move to college and then they don’t have the products that they had that got them through the day, that’s going to create an issue and a challenge for that student to continue to be successful in the classroom,” she said. 

In the previous legislative session this bill only passed in the Assembly. Sen. Roxanne Persaud (D-19th Senate District) said the fight is not over. 

“Menstrual products must be available everywhere we look,” she said.