ALBANY, NY (Erie News Now)-- Currently in New York State legislation refers to period products as feminine hygiene products. This year in an effort to combat period stigma, New York State lawmakers passed a bill to change those references to menstrual products. 

It has this dirty connotation when you’re using ‘feminine hygiene’ as though they’re dirty and they have a hygiene issue. So, we wanted to make sure we removed that and say you’re using menstrual products, the products are necessary, and it has nothing to do with your hygiene,” said Sen. Roxanne Persaud (D-19th Senate District), sponsor of the bill.  

Sen. Persaud added this legislation intends to provide more comfort around conversations around periods. 

Some advocates agree. Lacey Gero, manager of state policy at the Alliance for Period Supplies, said replacing the words feminine hygiene products with menstrual products will significantly reduce stigma. 

The word feminine hygiene product implies that this is something where we’re not clean when we’re on our periods and we need a clean product. That hygiene word really creates that trigger that makes it feel like this is an unclean process,” she said. 

If Gov. Kathy Hochul signs this legislation, it would take effect immediately.