Governor Josh Shapiro Tuesday visited Union City, touting a plan to increase broadband access throughout Pennsylvania.

 Pennsylvania recently received a broadband access grant for more than $1 billion from the federal government. Particularly in rural parts of our area, like Union City, parts of Crawford County and stretches of Warren County, high-speed Internet access either isn't available or costs far more than the average family can afford. The federal grant will allow Internet infrastructure to reach nearly every home in Pennsylvania, and it also provide money for subsidies, making high-speed internet affordable for nearly everyone. People in Union City so they can't wait for the opportunity to enjoy video calls, streaming services, and other Internet-related activities they currently can't access.

"It was frustrating as heck," said Union City resident Steven Zielinski. "You try downloading video, and it could take hours. You'd try placing bids and it would lock up. You couldn't use it. It was very frustrating."