Our weekly series, Remembering our Veterans continues with the story of Robert Moyer.

Sergeant Major Robert Michael Moyer's decorated military career is coming to an end, at the end of this month and it's been one incredible ride for this U.S. Marine.

Standing to attention during his retirement ceremony, Robert Moyer remembered his early days in the Marine Corps and never expected to make a career out of it.

"I had goals that I wanted to achieve while I was in," said Moyer. "And as I achieved those goals, I set new goals and it took me another 4 years, then another 4 years, and another 4 years, and before you know it you're at 30 years." 

It was Robert's choice to serve his country, making his tour of duty one of satisfaction. 

"Being able to serve my country, I think it was an honor and a privilege to be able to live in a country where you can choose to serve in the military, you're not forced to serve in the military," said Moyer. "So, to me, one of the greatest prides I have is to be a veteran of the United States Marine Corp." 

Moyer refers to the corps as the melting pot of the United States. 

"People from the city, people from the country, rich people, poor people, and we people that actually come from other countries that join the military," said Moyer. "Being able to see that cultural diversity throughout the world in one platoon, in one company, one battalion, in one unit its phenomenal. I learned so much about different people." 

"The percentage, the small amount of individuals that are actually able to earn that title, it's an honor to be a member of that small percentage of the United States population that can say they earned the title of United States Marine," said Moyer. 

Robert is married to Dr. Susan Moyer and the proud father of three children, including Erie News Now Digital Producer Ariana Moyer.

Sergeant Major Moyer, thank you for your service.