Getting teeth cleaned is something needed for good hygiene. A local dentist is bringing her skills learned in a big city back here to her hometown.

And while she specializes in working with adults and older children, her high-tech approach comes with hometown charm. It's this week's Giving You the Business Report, sponsored by the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership.

Alisun Kovach has walked around and worked in Erie's Colony Plaza since she was a teenager. She now owns a small business in it.

"All of our windows overlook where I used to work when I was 15 years old," said Kovach. 

The owner of the Erie Dental Company always wanted to open up her own business. This seemed to be the perfect location.

"So, it's really a neat," said Kovach. "Full circle." 

The office opened in May of 2023. The McDowell and Mercyhurst University graduate worked in Boston for many years, and decided to bring her skills back home for an elevated dental experience.

"We look at your tooth," said Kovach. "We look at your bite, new procedures."

Her big focus: connecting with patients and giving her undivided time to their dental needs.

"She has this awesome water pick technology she uses to clean your teeth and it gets rid of that ugh metal sound when you get your teeth cleaned," said Alicia Krahe. 

The equipment Krahe is talking about is coupled with other special touches in the office.

One unique room serves as a consultation room and also a photo shoot area. It's where anyone getting a cosmetic procedure can come for a before and after picture.

There are also blankets given to patients for a more comfortable experience. A 3D printer that allows for a quick response to patient needs.

A massive organization wall of needed items for the doctor and her intimate staff. All in the very Erie-centered lobby, with symbols of home in Plainview.

That includes the office logo, where images of the Bicentennial Tower, and other Erie landmarks are part of the message about her small business.

"From the full patient experience from the minute you walk in, to the minute you leave, you really feel well taken care of," said Kovach. 

Dr. Alisun says she knows everyone health needs are different, and when patients schedule an appointment, she has one on one time with just them, in the office.