UPMC Health Plan has a major reach in the Erie region, serving its members and sponsoring events like the City of Erie's 814 Concert Series.

"UPMC Health Plan is a family of insurance products," said Katie Shafer, community relations manager for UPMC Health Plan. "We were actually developed in 1994 and have over 4.5 million members."

Her daily focus is connecting with the community through opportunities like the health and wellness table during Senior Day at the Erie Zoo to provide informaiton and free screenings.

UPMC Health Plan also has a member appreciation day at UPMC Park. Each receives two complimentary tickets to watch a baseball game.

The partnership with the ballpark goes back nearly two decades and has included events, backing for games and promotional gear.

"I can say definitively that without UPMC's involvement - a couple of years ago when we faced challenges with minor league baseball being contracted - if UPMC hadn't been involved and hadn't been active, then we wouldn't have baseball in Erie today," said Shafer.

While UPMC Health Plan has a footprint with various organizations, there are plans to expand including investments to address health disparities in Erie with the launch of a nationally recognized program.

Freedom House 2.0 will train people for paramedic jobs.

"We strive to meet customers and our members where they are with their medical needs," said Shafer.

The list of nonprofits and other community partners in which UPMC Health Plan is associated with for events and outreach is hearty.

UPMC Health Plan also includes Medicare and Medicaid.