Did you ever go to a museum and find that there's so much to see that you just can't do it in one day?  I had a similar problem during my visit to a museum in Warren County.  I visited the Wilder Museum in the Warren County community of Irvine.  I love this place.  There's so many fascinating things to see.  I can't write about them all.  So, I'm going to pretend I'm David Letterman.  I'm going to do a Top Ten List.   Michelle Gray, the managing director at the museum, helped me with my choices by giving me a tour.  Here we go!

#10. Piso's Cough Medicine, made in Warren decades ago.  The medicine included some mind-blowing ingredients including cannabis, morphine, and cocaine.

#9. A cannonball found on the battlefield at Gettysburg.

#8. An authentic Conestoga wagon from the 1860s.

"Kids love this display. It's a great little story line to let them know how fortunate they are to live in this century," says Michelle.

#7. A doll collection that includes a three-faced doll. Turn a dial on the top of her head. She has faces that are happy, crying, and sleeping.

#6. One hand clocks manufactured by the One Hand Clock Company Warren.

#5.  A horse-hair coat worn by Jesse Thompson, of Sugar Grove, in 1909.

"From someone who is allergic to animal hair I promise you, it's real,” says Michelle.

#4. The actual gun used to shoot and kill a judge inside the Warren County Court House in 1954.

#3. A missile manufactured at the National Forge and Ordinance Company in Irvine. It can go through six feet of concrete.

#2. A Nazi flag captured during the liberation of Paris and signed by American soldiers.

"It was signed by Warren Countians.  George Gettenberger of Tidioute and Joseph Cooper of Youngsville,” says Michelle. 

#1. A replica of the office of longtime eye doctor Richard Peters, of Youngsville.  Items on display include fake eyeballs.

The Wilder Museum of Warren County History is located on Erie Avenue in Irvine.  It is open from May 30 through October 14.   Hours are from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.