ALBANY, NY (Erie News Now)-- Earlier this year, a nuclear power plant announced a plan to dump over a million gallons of radioactive wastewater into the Hudson River. 

“That discharge would pose huge threats to the Hudson River ecosystem and economic livelihoods for people and communities around the Hudson,” said Rob Hayes, Director of Clean Water, Environmental Advocates NY. 

Following the announcement, New York State lawmakers pushed to pass legislation that would prohibit pouring any radiological substance into the Hudson River in connection with decommissioning a nuclear power plant. 

Last week, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed this bill into law. 

Sen. Pete Harckham (D-40th Senate District), sponsor of the legislation, said the state has already spent a significant amount of money trying to clean up the Hudson. 

“Dozens of municipalities have tied their revitalization to their proximity to the Hudson River. So, this bill will go a long way to protect those prior investments and the economic vitality,” Harckham said. 

Hayes said millions of New Yorkers will benefit from this legislation because it will decrease pollution. 

“There are so many communities that depend on the Hudson River. Many communities use the Hudson River as a drinking water source, others are dependent on it for different types of economic livelihoods,” he said. 

The legislation will take effect immediately.