Our weekly series, Remembering Our Veterans, continues with the story of Korean War veteran Ron Washe.

A Michigan native, he developed a passion for art and doing work that benefits local nonprofits. He continues to serve his community, over 70 years after serving his country.

Ron Washe grew up in Armada, Michigan, not far from Detroit. He got an early start helping the family.

"I worked for the farmers around there," said Washe. "I was 14 years old and I drove a tractor." 

He joined the Marines at 18 years old and handled all of the challenges Parris Island had to offer.

"It was a lot of marching, on the fields, and on the ground," said Washe. "You can hear the Marines coming from a half mile away." 

During the war, he drove trucks for supply lines.

"After about a month, they grabbed me and I was up on the lines - in front of the lines in 24 hours," said Washe. "I was scared to death because you could hear those bullets." 

Washe recently turned 91 years old and remains active, making toys at the local Santa's workshop. He's the closer with his artwork and painting.

"We gave away 2,500 something toys this year," said Washe. "During COVID we didn't give as many away as we usually do, and last year it went up higher again." 

Washe says his greatest accomplishment is his nine grandchildren and spending time with them.

Thank you for your service, Ron Washe.