An Erie native is using her experience in intelligence analysis to springboard her research company. She started it 15 years ago, and her reach goes around the globe.

Diane Chido spends her workdays in this home office, tackling new projects. She is the president of DC Analytics.

She created the company in 2008 as a young mom.

"DC Analytics started as an experiment," said Diane. "Mainly as an augmentation support for the Mercyhurst Intelligence Studies program."

She's a graduate of that program, and over time, her small business conducts research and analysis for clients in the private and public sectors, including government clients and even nonprofits.

"My associates that you see on my website, they all have their own companies and own ventures," said Diane. 

What's more, it's an all-virtual company.

"We meet on Zoom and we figure out whose gonna do what and what other parts of our individual network we can bring in that have other further, additional expertise," said Diane. 

It could be military-related or even a risk assessment for clients.

"Finding out the things their children like so they can potentially be endangered," said Diane. 

The author has also written several publications, ranging from strategic intelligence to development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The founder of DC Analytics also shares her knowledge through a series of articles she writes for the Jefferson Educational Society.

And her writing extends to curriculum for some clients.

"I was just asked to do one on climate change," said Diane. "I did one on AI (artificial intelligence) a few weeks ago."

The versatile college political science professor is also about grassroots. She's worked with the Erie Zoo and nearby YMCA on a family and wellness project, and helped with a grant to update the curb appeal of nearby and longtime homes on Shunpike Road to enhance a part of her hometown while doing strategic planning across the world.