Back in June, a little boy in Florida received a life-saving liver transplant from a nurse at UPMC Hamot in Erie.

He was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness but today, he's alive and well thanks to her selflessness.

On Wednesday morning, they met for the first time.

After Logan Salva was born, he had to fight for his life. Diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome the only thing that would safe his life was a liver transplant.

His family waited desperately for a miracle, and that's where Makenzie Beach comes in.

The cardiology nurse at UPMC Hamot learned about becoming a living donor and signed up.

She recently donated part of her liver to Logan, three months after the surgery, they had the opportunity to meet virtually.

They chatted for a while, sharing a few tears, asking each other questions, and learning more about each other.

Logan is now a healthy toddler, about to turn 2-years old, and Makenzie is back on her feet and back to work.

Makenzie selflessly gave Logan the gift of life, now making once strangers, family.

Makenzie said the surgery and recovery was easier than she expected. She told Erie News Now that some discomfort for a couple of weeks in order to save a life was worth it, and she'd do it again if she could.