It can sometimes be a stomach-turning job, but for a local family, it's a legacy.

Hornet's nest come in all shapes and sizes and the one inside the office of General Exterminating in Erie serves as a showpiece. 

"I remember going out with my dad when I was 6-7 years old and taking care of hornet's nests," said Shane Reese. 

Shane Reese is the fourth generation working to keep a business going that his great-grandfather started.

General Exterminating began in 1932. It was carried on by Shane's grandfather and now father, Jim Reese.

"We take care of roaches and bed bugs, and ants, spiders, centipedes, you name it," said Jim. "If it crawls, it's pretty much us."

There's preventive pest service offered, where spraying can be done for residential or commercial customers twice a year.

The work is typically seasonal.

Longtime employee Joanne Vendetti is the first line of defense, taking down the pest problems that need tackled when customers call the office.

The longtime business has had several different locations. About 8 years ago, they landed here, at the corner of West 38th and Pittsburgh Avenue, using this as the base of their operations.

Operations that have led to some significant jobs. The most notorious? The home of Marjorie Diehl Armstrong, the so-called mastermind of the fatal bank robbery plot known as the Erie Pizza Bomber case.

"She was a hoarder," said Jim. "There were all kinds of fleas and roaches and mice and everything to take care of before they could do a lot of what they needed to do."

That was many years ago. And since then, enhanced technology has helped the exterminating team be more efficient, no matter the job.

"It's not always the most fun or glamorous, but I just sit down and remember my great-grandfather started this 91 years ago," said Shane. "So, that's huge for me."

During this summer season, Jim and Shane say many of the calls received are about stinging insects.