This week's Remembering Our Veterans puts the spotlight on celebrity Chef Robert Irvine, of Restaurant Impossible.

At age 15, he joined the United Kingdom's Royal Navy.

After his tour of duty, he developed a passion for cooking.

In 2014, Irvine started his own foundation, an organization that honors active military and first responders.

Irvine will be in Erie this weekend to make a special presentation and participate in the Gary Sinise, Lt. Dan Band concert fundraiser.

Born in England and raised in the United Kingdom, 57-year-old Robert Irvine is committed to recognizing those who are serving and have sacrificed.

"I think we take that for granted a bit too much," said Irvine. "So, when I make a personal connection with them and get to visit them personally, it's really exciting for me personally. But also for them, sometimes they watched me on TV, sometimes they see the food that we do, but when you get to meet them in person, and talk and listen - and I do a lot listening because I found out the most when I listen." 

He will also have a private moment with former Erie Police officer Tracie Stucke, who suffered a spinal cord injury in a vehicle accident off duty and is confined to a wheelchair. Chef Robert gave her a new next-generation wheelchair. Tracie is the mother of Erie police Sgt. David Stucke, who was shot in the leg in July.

"I travel so much, so it's really hard for me to everything myself but this is something I didn't tell her but I'll be there giving it to her which is even more important," said Irvine. "I just came back from Poland and Germany with our troops so for me any time I get to mingle with great human beings like Tracie I will." 

On Sunday night, Irvine is also hosting an event for Gold Star children, youngsters who lost a parent serving our country. 

"You try to be strong for them, but you listen to the stories the memories, and it's very hard to remain and keep your composure, but you have to because of the Gold Star Families," said Irvine. "And Gold Star Kids, I mean wow. For the last 15-16 years I've been to Gold Star events around the globe, and when they come off the bus wearing a picture of a loved on their t-shirt, I got to tell you I've shed many a tear." 

Also on Sunday, from 1-3 p.m. at the Yorktown Wine and Spirits, Robert will be hosting a taste and bottle signing, featuring his signature brand gin and vodka. A portion of the proceeds will benefit first responders.

Thank you, Chef Robert Irvine, for remembering our service men and women and our first responders.