ALBANY, NY (Erie News Now)-- Thursday morning, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed legislation intending to establish student government organizations in high schools where they do not exist and expand access to advanced placement classes. 

Gov. Hochul said expanding student government in particular will have a significant impact. 

“These are not just clubs we're talking about. They're incubators of civic learning and leadership,” she said. 

The Governor said this new law will do more than provide students with the opportunity to learn about government beyond the classroom. 

“That's how we're going to change the future as well, by ensuring that our young people know how government is supposed to work and perhaps not the way it's working in places today,” Hochul said. 

Gov. Hochul also signed legislation Thursday intending to help students inside the classroom by expanding access to advanced placement classes--particularly for families who may not have taken or even heard of an advanced placement class. 

“How are they going to know to tell their students the importance of AP classes in college? They won't know. We're going to make sure they know,” she said. 

This legislation will take effect immediately. The bill to expand student government will take effect next September.