Five years this month. That's what an Erie couple is celebrating. It's not how long they've been married, but how long they've been living their business dream.

Steven and Lisa Freysz are living their dream, they are the owners of a 7,300 sq. ft. bed and breakfast known as Spencer House.

It sits alongside other historic homes on 6th Street in Erie.

"When we got married in 2004, we both realized we had a similar dream," said Steven. "At some point we wanted to make that work out." 

They set out touring B & B's across Pennsylvania to find the right one.

"It seemed to really speak to us and it set the bar quite honestly very high for the few that we looked at afterwards. And none of them even reached the bar," said Steven. 

The home came fully furnished, with antiques in every single room and fairly updated appliances.

The couple makes a fresh and hot breakfast and serves it their meticulously adorned dining room.
It's for guests in all the rooms located on the second and third floors.

"We have 6 rooms, stand alone rooms and one of our suites has an added bedroom, so that would actually add 7 bedrooms," said Lisa. 

All of the unique rooms have their own bathroom. One even has a jacuzzi. 

Guests from around the globe have stayed at Spencer House, which started out as a single family dwelling.

This house was built in 1876 by Juddah Colt Spencer. He was a banker in Erie and he built it as a wedding gift for his one son, William.

Among the grandiose rooms on the inside of Spencer House, Erie News Now was told the porch is a favorite for visitors that come to stay here. 

The house or parts of it can also be rented out for people attending.

"Bridal showers, baby showers, we had wine tours," said Lisa. 

Or just wanting a night away in cozy quarters. 

Steven and Lisa only have one employee a part time cleaning person. They do everything else, including landscaping.

There's no handicap accessibility but noise is not an issue because the interior walls are thick.