The solar power industry has grown rapidly across the state of Pennsylvania with over 40,000 residential installations already in place. Although Western PA is known for cloudy days, Solar Revolution has seen an incredible demand for solar installations.

"Shockingly, it's not actually powered by sunlight. It's powered by UV radiation, which pretty much goes to just about everything. That's why your calculators work inside schools," said Vice President of Solar Revolution John Purvis.

 Customer Anna McCartney has been reaping the benefits of her solar panels since they were installed in 2016. She and her husband spent about $14,000 into panels, and they've already seen a full return on their investment.

"If we have kept that money in the bank in a savings account, we would have not seen much return on that money," said McCartney. "But having it on our roof, we really did pretty darn good."

One benefit to solar is that when the amount of power used by the house is less than what is being produced by the panels, electricity is either stored for the winter months or sold back to the power grid.

McCartney tells us the biggest benefit is seeing zero dollars owed on the electric bill.