The Warren County community of Lottsville isn’t very big.  Its population is about 125.  There's a lot of history here, however, and its citizens are proud to celebrate it.  Every September, on the third Saturday of the month, citizens of Lottsville gather for Lottsville Heritage Day. The idea for Heritage Day started with a simple picnic.

"20 years ago, we started with a community picnic and we had quite a few show up for that picnic,” says Ruth Ann DeVore, Co-Chairperson of the event.

After two years, it was decided to expand the picnic and honor the history of the town.  Lottsville Heritage Day was born.  Organizers decided to publish a Heritage Day book.  Each year, the book would focus on a different piece of Lottsville history.

"We'd have that history in the book and, of course, we started out with Hermones Lott and his life,” says Ruth Ann.  

Hermones Lott founded the town of Lottsville in 1815.

"Hermones Lott was from Flatbush, New York, now Brooklyn.  He was a rather wealthy farmer there,” says Don Martin, Co-Chairperson & Local Historian. 

Lott purchased about 1300 acres of land for which he paid $1800. He moved to the area, started a timber business, and named the town after himself. The Lottsville Cemetery includes the graves of three of Hermones' sons. Hewlett was a lumberman and farmer and served in the War of 1812. James was an attorney who volunteered to serve in the Civil War at age 52. He was wounded at Gettysburg. Daniel was a state legislator and well-known abolitionist. Hermones himself served in the Revolutionary War. The Lotts’ names are etched on the town's military memorial constructed in 2018 by Lottsville's proud citizens.

"The community really came together,” remembers Don. “It cost us $22,000 and we were able to raise it just 3 years after we raised a similar amount to do our bicentennial celebration." 

Lottsville loves its history.  Much of it is found at the Archives Room inside the Freehold Township Municipal Building. The room has hundreds of photographs and mementos from the community's past. Citizens are inviting everyone to share in that history.

Lottsville Heritage Day will be held Saturday, September 16. All events will take place at the Freehold Township Municipal Building. Amish doughnuts and coffee will be served at 9 a.m. Wagon rides to grist mill tours at Lottsville Milling Company will begin at 10 a.m.  A chicken barbeque will be held beginning at 11:30 a.m. Sloppy Joes are also available. A live auction starts at 1 p.m.  Proceeds from the event go towards improvements to the military memorial.  

The public is invited no matter where you live.