ALBANY, NY (Erie News Now)-- For fifteen years Ithaca Carshare, a non-profit membership based car share, has been serving the community but in May they had to pause their operations due to auto insurance issues. 

Friday Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to help non-profits like Ithaca Carshare access automobile liability insurance through out of state liability insurance companies. 

“This issue touches on many thing's employment, environment, transportation, and one of the great benefits with this is legislation, that’s now law, is that it allows for other communities to also get access to this great program,” said Sen. Lea Webb (D-52nd Senate District).

Some car share users choose not to own their own car for expense, and or environmental reasons. 

Local resident, Niki Friske, who has been using car and bike sharing for several years, said car sharing helps with grocery trips, and traveling to work and medical appointments. 

“Having that safety net of car sharing being available allowed for me to feel safe in my own community,” Friske said. 

Assembly Member Anna Kelles (D-Assembly District 125), who sponsored this legislation, said this new law will not only help provide equitable transportation for New Yorkers, but will also help the environment.   

According to a 2013 Cornell study, each car share vehicle replaces up to 15 vehicles on the road.  

“Cars are one of the two largest contributions in greenhouse gas emissions in the entire state. If we don’t do actions like this, if we don’t show it’s possible, then we’re not going to meet our climate goals and those are set in law,” Kelles said. 

The new law will take effect on March 1.