One step at a time, community members raised money to help those battling substance abuse disorders for Gaudenzia with the Race for Recovery on Saturday.

Jason Kisielewski, a race volunteer for Gaudenzia explained, "September being National Recovery Month, but to have an event like this, I think really shines a spotlight and draws focus to not only those who are currently in treatment but those are also who are in recovery."

Over 120 people walked or ran with someone in mind, a tradition that's spanned over two decades.

"For those who have been here, whether it's your first time participating or those who have done that with us all twenty-five years. It's kind of a cool experience. to have those conversations with and share unique you know, stories with people have been with us the entire journey", said Kisielewski.

It's because of events like this that Gaudenzia is able to help thousands of people in the Erie County area. Kevin Barber, the Program Director at Gaudeniza Crossroads said there's hope for every patient who walks through their doors.

"I believe or every person who works out or is involved with Gaudenzia believes that as long as the individual is still drawing breath, that there is hope and there's a chance for a recovery for them", said Barber.

Barber said last year alone they helped over 15,000 people and their goal is continue to help even more in the coming year.
"So it's really important for us to let everybody in the community know whether it's your loved one who is suffering our doors are open. We're here to help", said Barber. 

If you or someone you know if struggling with substance abuse disorder you can call 833-976-HELP or email [email protected].