The Hagen History Center celebrated their third annual, A Night at the Museum Gala, by honoring Tom and Michele Ridge.

Over 700 people attended the gala to show their respects for the Ridges.

Cal Pifer, Executive Director for the Hagen History Center explained why it is so important to honor the couple.

"Undeniable impact as a couple, Mrs. Ridge on the heritage side, we wouldn't have the federal courthouse that was the library still standing without her involvement as well as the governor's impact, truly a remarkable couple for Erie, for the commonwealth and particularly for this organization," Pifer said.

Homer and Marlene Mosco were the honorary chair couple and Marlene praised the Ridges for all they have done.

"This is their hometown and this couple has done nothing but serve for their entire careers and I think it is really wonderful for them to have a chance to see everybody and it is also wonderful that the community wants to recognize them for all that they have done for all these years," Mosco said.

For the Ridges, Erie is a part of them and having traveled and worked throughout the state and even the rest of the country, they still never forget where they call home.

"Northwestern Pennsylvania particularly Erie County has been the center of many historical moments in the history of not only the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania but the history of the United States of America and to be able to celebrate our hometown in such a significant way with my favorite librarian was really special for the Ridges," Tom Ridge said.

"I was an army brat so this was always our permanent address and for the military that is a really meaningful expression so the roots here and the role that the Hagen History Center plays now in this incredible campus is an important one to teach us to be proud that we are from this part of Pennsylvania and the contributions we have made in the past as a community and will make in the future too," Michele Ridge said.