The Fairfield Hose Company Volunteer Fire Department hosted their annual open house on Sunday.

Not only were they looking for more volunteers, but they also wanted to give community members a look inside their new social club.

From demonstrations, to raffles, and learning about volunteering and job opportunities, there was something for everyone.
"We get individuals that come down and potentially interested in joining they have a chance to kind of go over the rigs, go over how we do things. It's always good to be close with your community", explained President Jeff Hawryliw. 

Several local businesses and non-profits partnered with the volunteer fire department to show their support, including the A.N.N.A. Shelter. "We've assisted on several house fires and any calls that we get with animals inside or anything like that. We always try to be the first on the scene to help out and do what we can", said Brooke Conner, the event coordinator from the A.N.N.A. Shelter.

Sunday's open house let people to see the volunteer fire department and the services they provide to the community and it also gave them a look inside their new social club that's going to be opening within the next few months.

The renovated social club will help provide another source of income for the department which will help cover expenses for equipment.  "It's a chance for our members to come down and see the construction and see how close we are to completion and visit with other community members and get a chance to taste our food", said Hawryliw.

The volunteer fire department is also looking to hire more staff for the social club too. "We are we we have a paid ambulance crew coming, but also we are hiring a complete staff at the at the social club. So we need servers, waitresses, bartenders, waiters, cooks, chefs, all kinds of paid employees. So employment is ongoing where we're hiring now", said Hawryliw.

A day of fun that brought the community together for a greater cause. The volunteer fire department was grateful for all the continued community support.