For Sara’s last day of the season, there was ice cream, delicious food and a good time. For some, like Vivian who was surprised to go to Sara’s with her parents and got orange sherbet ice cream with sprinkles, the final trip for some ice cream was a tad bittersweet.  

“A little bit happy and a little bit sad,” Vivian said. For her, she said that the best part of Sara’s was the ice cream.  

The restaurant opened in 1980, and Gary Carver said he's been coming to Sara's since it opened. Although the ice cream and food is great, he believes the best part about Sara's is the people.

“Everybody here is having a good time and everybody helps each other out. They don't mind the crowds or waiting. It's just a good time,” Carver said.

As an Erie staple, Sara's is a summer classic that you just can't miss.  

“It serves as a landmark, you know, and anybody comes to you, we tell them, you got to go to Sara’s on the way to the peninsula. It was such a gem and so close, so convenient, and we just love to come here,” Carver said. 

Already people can't wait to come again next year.

“I think Sara's is a great place to make memories. . . Definitely looking forward to another one. And maybe next year they can stay open two weeks longer,” Diane Bestvina said.